Dr. Elias Buchetmann

Historisches Institut der Universität Rostock
Neuer Markt 3, R. 403b
18055 Rostock

phone: +49 381 498-2726
e-mail: elias.buchetmannuni-rostockde


Research Interests

  • Intellectual History, History of Political Thought
  • Cultural History, Literary History, History of Philosophy
  • Political and Constitutional History
  • Gender History
  • The Early Modern Period, Enlightenment, Sattelzeit
  • Cross-Cultural Transfer and Translation

Current Research Project (Habilitation)

  • My current research project pursues the cross-cultural history of women’s political thinking and gender discourse in the long eighteenth century, with a special focus on radical thought between Britain and Germany around 1800.


  • Since October 2021: Research Associate and Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of Rostock
  • 2020-21: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Klassik Stiftung Weimar and the Gotha Research Centre of Erfurt University
  • 2016-20: PhD Researcher at the European University Institute in Florence
  • 2012, 2017, 2018/19: Stays at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, the Center for Classical German Philosophy in Bochum and Humboldt University in Berlin
  • 2015-16: Junior Lecturer in European Studies at Maastricht University
  • 2013, 2014, 2015: BA Arts and Culture (Maastricht), MSc Global Governance and Diplomacy (Oxford), MA History of Political Thought and Intellectual History (UCL and Queen Mary University of London)


Peer-reviewed journal articles

Peer-reviewed journal articles

  • 'Paine's Rights of Man in Germany', The Historical Journal 66, no. 5 (2023): 1011–1033.
  • ‘Mœurs des femmes et critique sociale entre Grande-Bretagne et Allemagne: Forkel, Carlisle et Wollstonecraft’ [Female Manners and Social Criticism Between Britain and Germany: Forkel, Carlisle and Wollstonecraft], Annales historiques de la Révolutionfrançaise411, No. 1 (2023): 47-72.
  • ‘Hegel’s Intervention in Württemberg’s Constitutional Conflict’, History of European Ideas 46, No. 2 (2020): 157–174.
  • ‘Die Ermordung Kotzebues und Hegels Philosophie des Rechts’ [The Murder of Kotzebue and Hegel’s Philosophy of Right], Hegel-Studien53/54, 35–62.
Dictionary entries

Dictionary entries



  • ‘Democracy: A Fragile Way of Life. Interview with Till van Rahden’ (podcast and transcript), Review of Democracy (2021)

  • ‘Man and Animal. Ethics between Sentiment and Reason’, Mosaiek. Interdisciplinair Cultuurwetenschappelijk Tijdschrift 13, No. 2 (2012): 7–17.